Friday, April 30, 2010


May I introduce the latest edition to our family...

Senor Kitty Paws!

We adopted this adorable little 8 week old female kitten last Saturday. Yes, Senor is a girl. People can stop telling us that her name should be Senora/Senorita Kitty Paws. Christian and I both have basic Spanish knowledge. It's funny, people.

Anyway, gender confusion aside, SKP is just the best kitten ever. Sadly, she's a little sick right now (common with shelter kitties, I've read) but hopefully she'll be back to her bouncy self soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Perusing

One of my favorite features to look through on the is when they compare 3 houses in different parts of the country that are all selling for the same price.

Of course, I can never remember what day this goes up so I often miss it. Today, though, was a lucky day and not only did I find it, but they included a house in Austin. Sadly, $975,000 won't be in our budget anytime soon, unless we win the lottery. But, it's still fun to see what's out there in our new city.