Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've Got Bad Taste in Music

I fully admit that I have bad taste in music. I crank Britney Spears with abandon. I think I actually have more Britney albums on my iPhone than any other artist. Occasionally I listen to some worthwhile music that doesn't provoke scorn in those around me (see, for example, my obsession with A Fine Frenzy's Bomb in a Birdcage album) but, for the most part, I have the same musical interests I did as a 15 year old girl.

Currently, I'm beyond happy when this song comes on the radio. I'm also a fan of the version with Eminem (who, as it happens, I used to have a HUGE crush on when I was younger). Oh, and to be clear, I really like the melody, not so much the rapping by B.o.B.

I have resisted the urge to buy it on iTunes so at least that's something. Right?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I'm Currently Coveting

It's been a few months since I did one of these and I certainly haven't stopped coveting things so let's go.

First up, how cute would this dress be for work? Especially with my pixie cut (which currently is in major, major need of a trim). Vestiges from Anthropologie - I covet you. Hard.

I have no idea where I'd wear this next dress but I just love it so so so much. So much. I used to have a couple great black/white polka dot articles of clothing (a great dress, skirt, etc.) and now my wardrobe is totally lacking in that department. This Pebble Seraphina from J Crew would totally remedy that hole in my closet.

Costco: A Love Story

I'm not really sure how I got through the first 27+ years of my life without Costco but I hope I have one near me for the next 70 because it's the awesome.

There's so much good stuff. And in such massive quantities. Like huge bags of delicious Babybel cheese, a lifetime supply of microwave popcorn and the biggest bottles of olive oil I've ever seen.

Thank God our Austin apartment is two-three times the size of our Manhattan apartment because there's no way we could fit all these wonderful goods inside our place otherwise.

As an added bonus, we get boxes to add to The Paws ever growing collection of boxes in our still defunct dining room. I swear one day we'll have a table and chairs in there.

What about you? Do you find joy in buying six tubes of toothpaste at a time?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Further Proof...

That Real Simple is my magazine soul mate. Article in the most recent issue: Napping, A Love Story.

I'm a big napper (just wanted to iterate that in case it wasn't clear from the title of my blog). I generally can't get through the weekend without at least one nap. My love of sleeping, in general, and napping, in particular, is totally at odds with my personality. I tend towards the over-achiever end of the spectrum. So, my favorite line in this essay is a good reminder that naps are a wonderful thing, even if you're not getting anything accomplished by sleeping during the day.

"...not everything has to be useful, not everything has to lead to something more—that sometimes, for no reason and with no purpose, you can just curl up on the couch, feel the soft breeze, and drift into a soft, delicious sleep that leads to nowhere in particular, and back again."

And, since we're talking about sleeping, above we have a gorgeous bedding set from Anthropologie that A) I don't need, B) I can't afford and C) Christian probably wouldn't go for even if A and B weren't true. Why do I continue to torture myself with their bedding section?

Devil Spawn

Ok, so you know that adorable kitten we adopted? If you need a refresher, she's just a little further down the page in all her furry glory.

Well, she's about 5 months old now, the super cute fuzziness has faded and it turns out we may have adopted the Spawn of Satan.

I know, I know, you're looking at her photo and she still looks totally adorable and sweet. Looks can be deceiving. I'll admit that she is a really cute cat. But she's a really cute cat that bites. And scratches. And has left me scarred. I'm thinking of trying out for the next Mederma commercial spot to bring in some extra money. Last night, we got into a bit of a skirmish and I now have deep scratch marks on the side of 4 of my toes. (Thankfully, the pinky was spared).

It's not like she's lashing out because she's neglected or anything. Our entire dining room is basically dedicated to toys and activities for this cat. Seriously. There's a tunnel, one of those nice scratching posts with a perch on top, the blinds are open, she has 2 boxes to play with, and another half dozen other toys and things to keep her occupied. Plus, she has a totally fashionable collar.

Unfortunately, even all that doesn't seem to calm the devil inside her.

Everyone keeps telling us that she'll calm down as she gets older. Boy, oh boy, do I hope that's true. Otherwise, has anyone heard of a Cat Whisperer? Or, would Cesar Millan take on this special case?