Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 Months From Today...

Christian and I are moving to Austin!

We made the decision 2 weeks ago and I could not be more excited, scared, happy, terrified and excited again.

I spent three years in Austin for law school and I absolutely adore the city. Granted, I haven't been back to visit in a couple years, but I think this is going to be an awesome move for us.

Austin has a great film scene and Christian is stoked to get the chance to actual do film work that he's excited about again.

And, I'm hoping to get a job at a nonprofit down there while I develop my home organization business.

Plus, this means more space for a lot less money and, more importantly, bigger closets. Who wouldn't be excited about that?

Above, the Frost Bank Tower in Austin. I was totally obsessed with this building when I lived there. I wonder if it will have less of an effect on me now that I've lived surrounded by huge buildings for over three years.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Table With Some of My Favorite Things

We have this table next to our couch. Christian bought it down in the village one day from this little furniture store. In the store, the table was wobbly. Christian believed the salesman when he told him it was just the floors in the store. Well, this table has been in two different apartments now and it has wobbled everywhere it's been put. Me thinks my husband was had.

But, what's great about this table is the things I love that I put on it.

First up, the tall white vase. It's from Nambe. Being from New Mexico, items from Nambe will always have a special place in my heart and remind me of home. This particular piece is one of the few ceramic pieces I've seen produced. My mom and I got it years ago at the annual fall outlet sale they have. I love the mini bud holes that go around the vase. So cute and unexpected. Currently, I'm obsessed with red and yellow tulips in the vase. They bring brightness and spring to our NYC apartment in the dead of winter.

Next, the bud vase (from Crate and Barrel). Beautiful wedding present from some of our best friends. It reminds me of the important people in our lives and how amazing they are to us.

A photo of Christian and me. Our apartment is filled with them. We simply love photos. This one was taken in a park in Boston on a trip we took Fourth of July weekend 2008.

Slate drink coasters from Anthropologie. These were a Christmas gift from Christian this year. Unfortunately, they're no longer available. I've been having so much fun writing guests names on their coasters every time we've invited someone over for dinner since Christmas. I think these will last a long time (and keep amusing me just as long!).

Down below you can catch a glimpse of some cameras. We've got a Lomography Fisheye in front, the 25th Anniversary Lomography LC-A just behind it (my wedding present to Christian), and in the back, the Canon 20D.

Yoga Class Number Dos

Last Saturday should've been our second beginners yoga class. Unfortunatley, I just wasn't feeling up to it so we skipped it. Oops! Bad, bad Julie.

Yesterday, we went and it was quite a bit more intense that the first class. The type of yoga we're learning is vinyasa which I guess means flow so you "flow" from one pose to the next. As I discovered yesterday flowing from pose to pose creates some sweat. And some soreness the next day.

We also did a little bit of meditation in the class. I was excited for the meditation section but I found the instructor very distracting. While we were doing our deep breathing she talked the whole time. And not relaxing meditation talk like "Focus on your breathing. Feel your chest open and expand. Yada yada" or things like that. Instead, she'll say "Is your mind wandering yet? Did you start making lists or thinking about things to do?" To which I wanted to respond "No, I wasn't making a list until you mentioned it. Now I sure am." So, her creating distraction and taking me away from the meditation didn't teach me about meditation.

Oh well. I still liked the yoga part. Even though it's kinda hard for me to move around too enthusiastically today.

Of course, I am going to need my own yoga mat soon. I'm thinking about this one from Target.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My dream dining room

Right now, we sit on our couch to eat. I'm looking forward to one day having a real dining space again with an actual dining table and chairs and no hunching over. I used to have a totally simplistic, modern dining table and chairs. Basic glass top table with four black legs and black metal backed chairs.

For my dream dining room, I would love to do something more eclectic. I'm slowing trying to make our home style more fun and mismatched and so far I like it.

On to the dream dining room! First up, this Darjeeling dining table from CB2:

At my end of the table I would sit in the absolutely adorable Conservatory Chair from Anthropologie:

Christian would get something manly like this antique lion's head arm chair:
One side would have a bench and the other these cool Lyle Side Chairs from Crate & Barrel.
Finally, this Trollsta sideboard from Ikea would finish off the room:
What do you think? Too much?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I'm Currently Coveting

I need new clothes. Seriously. Christian bought me a great new cardigan for Christmas and I've worn it 5 times already. And not with lots of different things either. With the same jeans, boots, tank and necklace. Too bad I have no money for new clothes. So, for now, I'll just covet them.

There's a ton of new stuff at Anthropologie that I would love to have.

First, I could really use some new tops. Right now, I've got a lot of tanks but not much else.

Of course, I always want more adorable dresses. How cute is the strapless one with the airplanes? Simply adorable.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Resolution

10 days into the new year and I'm trying to get on a roll with the resolutions. This year, I feel like I made resolutions that are a) totally accomplishable (even if that's not a word) and b) things I really want to do, instead of years past where I may have set my sights too high.

Next up on the list -- reading Atlas Shrugged.

When Christian and I first started dating he really wanted me to read The Fountainhead. Went on and on about how it was his favorite book and he reads it over and over again. I was totally skeptical. I had heard not great things about Ayn Rand (her politics and views on women, not her writing specifically) and I wasn't excited about reading a super long book by an author who seemed totally not my kind of woman, if you know what I mean. But, eventually, I gave in and read it. Probably more of a testament to how much I wanted Christian to like me than how much I really thought I would enjoy the book. Turns out, it's an amazing book. One that I will definitely read again.

Before I can read The Fountainhead again, Christian has been on me for awhile to read Atlas Shrugged. The version he has is just enormous. Over 1000 pages and God knows how much this thing weighs. But, I know it will be good, so I'm taking it on. Starting tonight. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post my progress and my thoughts along the way if for no other reason than to help me remember what all happens in those 1000+ pages.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Resolutions in Action

This year, Christian and I made a joint resolution to try yoga. Neither one of us has been very active (read: I haven't gone to the gym in probably 2 years) and we really should be. Also, I really need some stress relief in my life. So, we decided to try yoga thinking it would help us get out of the apartment and doing something physical and maybe it would help me not be so darn cranky all the time.

This morning was our first of four beginner sessions at this place -- Laughing Lotus -- over on 19th Street. How did we choose Laughing Lotus? It's close to our apartment. They had a total beginners series. And it was the cheapest of the places I found in my 20 minutes of looking around on yelp, google, etc.

I was shocked at how much I liked it. Given, this was only the first class, but so far, I think I could really get into yoga. I could've done without the instructor reading to us from the yoga sutras at the beginning of the class and I need to see if I can lessen the hurt that was happening in my wrists but otherwise I'm totally psyched that we decided to try it.

For your amusement, here's a totally awful picture of me this morning before we went.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Christian and I sat down last night and made a number of resolutions.

One of mine was to be more active on my blog. Let's see how it goes!

For now, want to see something cool? It's our wedding video.

Julie & Christian - Our Wedding from Julie R on Vimeo.